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Homes By Amber
Real Estate Broker
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Homeschooling Amigos Bilingües Long Beach
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Trench Inc.
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True Image Studio
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Mission View Learning Academy

Mission View Learning Academy
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Summit Academy

Summit Academy
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Sharon Anderson

Homeschooling TnT
2017 CHN Family Expo - Teen Room Coordinator
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Jess Arce

Maple Tree Learning Center
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Crystal Bailey

Raffle Coordinator

Janell Bartzatt

Golden Heart Birthing Services
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Gregory Beutler

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Judith Claudi-Magnussen

2017 CHN Family Expo - Teen Room Co-Coordinator
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Tustin Connect

Tustin Unified
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Pam Dowling

California Homeschool Network (CHN)
CHN President, Expo Vendor Hall Coordinator
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Teresa Fitzpatrick

California Homeschool Network (CHN)
CHN Trustee, 2016 CHN Family Expo - Special Events Coordinator
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Caroline Forte

Excellence in Education
EIE Academy Principal and Owner
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Martin Forte

Excellence in Education
CHN Vice-President, EIE Academy founder
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Amanda Garcia

Tween Room Co-Coordinator
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Amanda V. Garcia

2016 CHN Family Expo - Vendor Hall Coordinator
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Diane Crayne Gardner

Anam Cara Academy
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Karen Golden

Creative Learning Place
Founder / Director

Harriett Goren

CHN Family Expo Teen Room Co-Coordinator
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Rhonda Hamilton

California Homeschool Network
2020 CHN Expo Committee Chair, Registration, Speaker & Scheduling...
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Juanita Heyerman

Fiber Arts Room Coordinator
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Bequi Howarth

Tween Room Coordinator
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James Howarth

Tween Room Co-Coordinator
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Cindy Jaime

CHN Family Expo Raffle Coordinator
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Kaleigh Kailani

The Broken Trinity
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Pamela Winslow Kashani

Apples and Oranges Studios
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Amy Knepper

Blueprint Homeschooling

judy kolek

Arielle arts
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Sasha Kuczynski

Planet Earth
Force of Nature
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Nikki Mahar

Fullerton School District
4/5 Combo Teacher
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Nicole Orton

Fiber Arts Room Coordinator
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Brenna Gibson Redpath

Urban Homeschoolers
Founder & Owner
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Crystal Reed

No Drama College Counseling
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Alexis Tan

World of Drakain
Author & Artist

Doug Webb

7/79 Video
Business Development
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Tracy Wittman

California Homeschool Network
Treasurer, Board of Trustees