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Featured Speakers

avatar for Karen Golden

Karen Golden

Creative Learning Place
Founder / Director


avatar for Jess Arce

Jess Arce

Maple Tree Learning Center
avatar for Gregory Beutler

Gregory Beutler

avatar for Larry Burch

Larry Burch

Guided Curiosity
Maker Director
avatar for Spramani Elaun

Spramani Elaun

Nature of Art For Kids® Art School and Art Supply
CHN Family Expo Art Room Coordinator
avatar for Teresa Fitzpatrick

Teresa Fitzpatrick

California Homeschool Network (CHN)
CHN Trustee, 2016 CHN Family Expo - Special Events Coordinator
avatar for Caroline Forte

Caroline Forte

Excellence in Education
EIE Academy Principal and Owner
avatar for Martin Forte

Martin Forte

Excellence in Education
CHN Vice-President, EIE Academy founder
avatar for Scott Hewison

Scott Hewison

Intersect University
Dean of Students
avatar for Juanita Heyerman

Juanita Heyerman

Fiber Arts Room Coordinator
avatar for Mara Hughes

Mara Hughes

Savvy Scholar College Counseling Services
avatar for Kaleigh Kailani

Kaleigh Kailani

The Broken Trinity
avatar for Hana Khatib

Hana Khatib

Pepper and Pine
avatar for Amy Knepper

Amy Knepper

Blueprint Homeschooling
avatar for Kim Megyesi-Brem

Kim Megyesi-Brem

The Arbor Learning Community
avatar for Nicole Orton

Nicole Orton

Fiber Arts Room Coordinator
avatar for Brenna Gibson Redpath

Brenna Gibson Redpath

Urban Homeschoolers
Founder & Owner
avatar for Crystal Reed

Crystal Reed

No Drama College Counseling
avatar for Talitha Sherman

Talitha Sherman

Studio Litha
avatar for Melanie Sinclair

Melanie Sinclair

CHN Family Expo - Young Adult Volunteers Coordinator
avatar for Genie Sloan-Pena

Genie Sloan-Pena

Gaming Room Coordinator
avatar for Blair Lee - Featured Speaker

Blair Lee - Featured Speaker

SEA Homeschoolers
avatar for Alexis Tan

Alexis Tan

World of Drakain
Author & Artist